Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Article 257 of the Pakistani constitution

There are visible contradictions between the Pakistani and PAJK constitutions. For instance, Article 257 of the Pakistani constitution holds that the "people of Jammu and Kashmir will define their relationship with Pakistan after obtaining freedom". However, under section 5(2)(vii) of the PAJK Legislative Assembly Election Ordinance 1970, "a person will be disqualified for propagating any opinion or action in any manner prejudicial to the ideology of Pakistan, the ideology of state's accession to Pakistan or the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan". The Islamabad-based "Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council" is headed by the prime minister of Pakistan. This key institutional body shapes the economic policy of the region.

DRDO future plans...

This is for the first time that altogether five missiles have been lined up to be test-fired within next two months. The lab authorization committee of the ministry of defence (MoD) has given necessary green signal for the proposed test-firings. Range integration has been completed. We all are hopeful of test launching the missiles successfully," according to a defence scientist.
India's defence scientists are going to show more fire power at the country's best test facilities at Chandipur and Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast in the coming days.
an advanced version of the Agni-I missile has been scheduled to be fired, in December two missiles – BrahMos and Agni-II - will fly in the sky. In January scientists will fire the newly developed Agni-II + missile and an interceptor missile, which last time didn't take off due to a technical snag in the target missile.
Agni-I missile this time will be tested by the armed forces with better re-entry technology and an extended range. Compared to its longer-range cousins, its height is just 15 metres and it is powered by both solid and liquid propellants, which impart it a speed of 2.5 km per second. It can blast off from both road and rail mobile launchers.
BrahMos has become the only supersonic cruise missile possessing this advanced capability in the world. After the scheduled test this version will be ready for induction.