Monday, December 7, 2009


Few filmmakers stick their necks out to tell difficult and different stories in these days of mindless entertainers making potloads of money.
PC Sreeram's dazzling cinematography and Illayraja's soothing score help make up for many of the script's flaws, and ultimately contribute to making Paa an easy, enjoyable is like an experimental movie.
The centerpiece of the action is Amitabh Bachchan. Under that excellent prosthetic make-up, his baritone replaced by a childish squeaky voice, Bachchan becomes Auro.
Vidya Balan delivers her best work since Parineeta.Arundhati Naag is endearingly warm as Auro's feisty grandmum, and Pratik Katare gets his timing spot-on as Auro's best friend Vishnu.
Paa is ultimately an engaging film because of its largely original writing.I think the best scenes in the film is a hilarious telephone conversation between Auro and a classmate of his, in which the latter explains just how frustrated he is with his father.
It is now felt that the film’s theme of age-acceleration by progeria and its muted dramatic depiction through Amitabh’s performance as Auro deserves a global platform.

Paa director R Balki said, “The version for a non-Indian audience will have to be edited very differently but the connectivity with Auro’s character will remain unchanged.”
The theme of progeria is a huge incentive to market the film internationally.Its a fact that the audience abroad would never have seen anything like Paa.

"I always knew that India has the ability to become the best Test team in the world,''....John Right

John Right,who coached India for five years, has praised their elevation to the No. 1 spot in the ICC Test rankings.
He said,"India deserves this ... not only the players and the board but also the fans.
"I always knew that India has the ability to become the best Test team in the world. I'm so pleased for the players, Gary Kirsten, Paddy Upton and the BCCI.They are the best in the world and they truly understand and celebrate their cricketers' success.''

Wright, had a successful five-year stint as India's coach from November 2000 during which India won a historic series against Australia in 2001 at home, won in Pakistan in 2003, and also guided the team to the finals of the 2003 World Cup.

"The ability to bring about a turnaround was always there. The theme was to achieve team achievement as against individual achievements," he said.

The key for India is to have potent fast bowlers. That way Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth are very important for the side. But the best thing about India is that they are not reliant on any one player. A few individuals will soon go away but every young Indian cricketer now knows that the team can be the No.1. That is the turnaround." he added.

India and copenhegan summit

The Kyoto Protocol, adopted in Kyoto in 1997, sets legally binding targets for developed countries to reduce emissions - a major feature of the pact. These amount to cuts of an average 5 per cent below the 1990 levels by 2012.
Prior to the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, but no mandatory limits on emissions were was the real problem behind first earth summit.

The draft proposal prepared by the host nation Denmark for the climate change summit removes the distinction between the developed and the developing countries and will be disastrous for India.G-77 and China formally presented the BASIC draft - mooted by China and supported by Brazil, South Africa and India - at Copenhagen and said it should be the basis of negotiations.
India joined the U.S. and China in announcing voluntary emission intensity cuts a 20-25 per cent target reduction of the country's carbon emission intensity by 2025.

The G-77 held a coordination meeting in the eve of summit to decide their joint plan of action to ensure a fair and equitable outcome from Copenhagen.
India has said it can reduce carbon emission intensity by 20-25% by 2020, it can actually do much better.Even if growth averages a high 8%, better technology and more competition could see a reduction upto 37% in emission intensity with 2005 as the base year.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar: becoming the number one Test team in the world was like a dream come true

The Indian cricket team led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the best ever to have represented the country, believes master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.
According to him, Gary Kirsten and Paddy Upton, along with Robin Singh and Venkatesh Prasad, all credit to them for handling the team brilliantly. Also all the players have worked very hard in the last 18 months.right from number 1 to 7, we have a solid batting line-up.

India became the number one team in Test rankings after they beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 24 runs in the third and final Test to clinch the three-match series by a 2-0 margin.
Sachin Tendulkar said that becoming the number one Test team in the world was like a dream come true and that he had been waiting for this moment since the start of his career.
“Fantastic to be at this position. I have been waiting a long time to get to this position . In fact just not me, entire nation,” he said.
He said,This pitch was a brilliant wicket. There was some turn on the first day and I knew one roll would settle it down and it did.”
Tendulkar then took a good humoured dig at Yuvraj Singh for calling him a grandpa. "I have told Yuvraj Singh not to call me Grandpa. I have lots of names for him too and I can expose him there!”
He also laughed off retirement, “No retirement as long as I am enjoying the game."

India food prices rose 17.47 pert cent in the 12 months

According to Reserve Bank of India food prices rose 17.47 pert cent in the 12 months to Nov. 21, after the weakest monsoon since 1972 follow by floods in parts of the country hurt farm output. While food inflation is politically sensitive, it is viewed as largely beyond the scope of interest rate policy.
India reported economic growth of 7.9 pert cent in the quarter through September, its fastest rate in 18 months, beating expectations and adding pressure on the central bank to bring forward a rate rise to moderate mounting inflation.

Subir Gokarn, deputy governor of the RBI, said the exit from easy monetary policy is a "graded" process and economic growth alone will not determine its pace.

RBI has slashed its policy rates several times after October 2008 to help the economy deal with the global financial meltdown. However, in its October 2009 review of the monetary policy, it raised the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) by 1 percentage point to 25 per cent, which hinted at unwinding of its easy money policy stance. SLR is the proportion of current and time deposits that a bank has to keep with RBI.

The risk of a multi-billion-dollar debt default by Dubai World will have limited impact on the Indian economy.

''The overall contribution of the region in foreign investment flow is small and no significant impact on portfolio investments can be discerned. Overall the impact on India is not expected to be significant in the long-term," a report from Credit Analysis and Research (CARE) Limited, said.
The risk of a multi-billion-dollar debt default by Dubai World will have limited impact on the Indian economy.
The report said,While the region contributes about 7 per cent of portfolio investments, the crisis may not affect institutional inflows significantly. In fact there could be a re-channelisation of capital flows from the Gulf to more stable emerging economies like India.
The share of the UAE in India's total exports which was just 2.6 per cent in FY 04 has increased to 13.1 per cent in FY 09. In FY 09, the UAE was India's second-largest export destination after China, the report said.

News clips....

José Mujica is elected President of Uruguay.
Porfirio Lobo is elected President of Honduras in the first election since the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis.
Namibian incumbent President Hifikepunye Pohamba is reelected along with the ruling SWAPO party after elections last week.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation announces that 25 member countries will contribute a further 7,000 troops to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in addition to 30,000 additional American and 500 British troops previously announced.
Indian activists mark the 25th anniversary of the industrial disaster that took place in Bhopal which led to 3,787 deaths.
In a major policy speech, South African President Jacob Zuma announces the country will treat all HIV positive babies and expand testing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

water on the moon

The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) announced in September that the country’s first unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan-I found evidence of water on the moon within a month after it was launched in October,2008, to make the first such discovery. NASA had also announced in September that it found evidence of water.
The crashing spaceship was launched in June along with an orbiter that is now mapping the lunar surface. LCROSS, short for Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite and pronounced L—Cross, is on a collision course with the moon, attached to an empty 2.2—tonne rocket that helped get the probe off the ground.
The lunar crash kicked up at least 25 gallons (95 liters) and that's only what scientists could see from the plumes of the impact.

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

If the country’s top research institutes are embedded into university campuses, it will give students a direct experience of cutting-edge research from a very early stage, according to Nobel Prize winner Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.
It would be a good idea to embed research institutes inside university campuses, and perhaps also integrate research more into universities,”
“I have always felt that for research to improve, students need to be exposed to the very best research at an early stage." he said.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains runs roughly north-south through western Russia. They are usually considered the natural boundary between Europe and Asia.
The Urals extend 2,498 km from the Kazakh steppes along the northern border of Kazakhstan to the coast of the Arctic ocean.
Its highest peak is Mount Narodnaya.
The Urals have large deposits of gold, platinum, coal, iron, nickel, silver, oil and other minerals.

Rising sea levels

By 2050 the number of people living in delta cities is set to increase by as much as 70%, experts suggest, vastly increasing the number of those at risk.
Glaciers: If the world's mountain glaciers and icecaps melt, sea levels will rise by an estimated 0.5m
Thermal expansion: The expansion of warming oceans was the main factor contributing to sea level rise, in the 20th Century, and currently accounts for more than half of the observed rise in sea levels.
Ice sheets: These vast reserves contain billions of tonnes of frozen water - if the largest of them (the East Antarctic Ice Sheet) melts, the global sea level will rise by an estimated 64m.
Rising temperatures have also caused ocean waters to expand - the main cause of sea level rise in the 20th Century.
The weakening of the Gulf Stream coupled with the gravitational effects of being closer to the North Pole mean waters in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the biggest rise.
Our children and those as yet unborn deserve to live in a world that is healthier, more equitable and which offers a sustainable future .

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jana Gana Mana

Jana Gana Mana is the national anthem of India. Written by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
It was first sung at the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress on 27 December 1911.
Jana Gana Mana was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the Indian national anthem on January 24, 1950.
Music of the current version of the national anthem was composed by Captain Ram Singh Thakur.

Periyar River

The Periyar River is the longest river in the state of Kerala, with a length of 244 km.
it is known as The lifeline of Kerala.
The Idukki Dam on the Periyar generates a significant proportion of Kerala's electrical power.
It flows north through Periyar National Park into Periyar Lake.
Its largest tributaries are the Muthirapuzha River, the Mullayar River, the Cheruthoni River, the Perinjankutti River and the Edamala River.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Fa-Hien was a Chinese Buddhist monk who traveled to Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka to acquire Buddhist scriptures between 399 and 412 . His journey is described in his work A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Hien of his Travels in India and Ceylon in Search of the Buddhist Books of Discipline. He is most known for his pilgrimage to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
Fa-Hiyan came in india in the period of chandrgupta vikramaditya . he described mainly about central provice. he found the kapilvastu was in the position of decline.he also said about society of central province and praised the law of that period.Fa- hiyan studied about six years in nalanda university.he returne china through tamrlipti.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have started laugh for five minutes in front of mirror each morning. i also think laughter activates many beneficial chemicals within the body that places into a very joyous state.I think it is wonderful tonic for life,s ill.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

India and china recent controversies

There are indications that China may have put the plan in high gear. In April 2009, China's Gezhouba Corporation, one of the country's biggest engineering and construction companies, won a 1.14 billion yuan bid for the hydropower plant in Zangmu, in the middle of the Brahmaputra river. The company's website said it would be responsible for "designing, constructing and running the project that supplies 3.4-million cu m of concrete and 8-million-ton aggregate for the water power station. The project is expected to last until the end of December 2015."
Zangmu is only the first dam to be built. China plans to build four more dams at Jiacha, Zongda, Lengda, Jiexu and Langzhen.
The Chinese are also building another hydropower project with large-scale dams in Tibet, which has already seen tens of thousands of Tibetans protesting againsyt the building of hydro projects on the Brahmaputra.

China has already dammed the Mekong river and the resulting siltation has created a huge problem for lower riparian states in Thailand, Cambodia, etc.
"India and China agreed in November 2006 to establish an Expert Level Mechanism to discuss trans-border river issues in an institutional way.

The Brahmaputra flows for about 1625 kilometre inside the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China and for a further 918 kilometre inside India.China has begun constructing the dam as part of the 540 MW Nagmu hydroelectric project which was inaugurated on March 16.

The Chinese were also told that such a project might have significant impact on the socio-economic condition of people living downstream.

FICCI quoted statistics showing bilateral trade was inching towards the $45-billion mark, making China India's largest trading partner.

“Pakistan has been in illegal occupation of parts of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir since 1947. The Chinese side is fully aware of India’s position and our concerns about Chinese activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. We hope that the Chinese side will take a long-term view of the India-China relations, and cease such activities in areas illegally occupied by Pakistan.

Although Bhutan has no diplomatic relations with China, it is a matter of time before it offers its opinion on China’s territorial engagements. Bhutan is one of India’s closest allies in South Asia and has an ongoing border dispute with China. It is another country with whom China has had territorial conflict that is yet to be resolved. China has had 23 territorial conflicts with other states, but has used force in only a few, while in 17 of these conflicts it has compromised or offered concessions.

Agni-V's first test is likely to take place only in end-2010 or early-2011. From there, it will take at least three years before the missile can be dubbed fully-operational since it will require four-five more tests, series production and user-trials.For another, the 5,000-km strike range of Agni-V pales in comparison to already-operational Chinese missiles like Dong Feng-31A, which can hit targets 11,200 km away, or even the JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile with a reach beyond 7,200 km.

Agni-V, much like the 3,500-km Agni-III, which has been successfully tested a couple of times, has been designed in keeping with this strategy. The already-inducted Prithvi (150-350-km), Agni-I (700-km) and Agni-II (2,000-km) are more Pakistan-specific in nature.
the solid-fuelled Agni-V, for which the government has sanctioned around Rs 2,500 crore, will be a canister-launch missile system to ensure it has the requisite operational flexibility to be fired from any part of the country.

Though slightly short of true ICBMs, which have ranges in excess of 5,500 km, Agni-Vs will come in special storage-cum-launch canisters, making it much easier to store them for long periods without maintenance as well as to handle and transport.
Agni-V will be capable of being swiftly moved closer to the border with China to substantially enhance its strike range into the country. What has exercised China is the fact this will bring even its northern-most city, Habin, within the missile's strike envelope.

DRDO is also developing MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles) warheads for the Agni missiles. An MIRV payload basically is a bunch of several nuclear warheads carried on a single missile, which can be programmed to hit different targets separated from each other. Given this, even ballistic missile defence systems can be overwhelmed by MIRVs.

India's Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) has made its forthcoming Agni-5 missile highly road-mobile, or easily transportable by road, which would bring Harbin, China's northernmost city within striking range if the Agni-5 is moved to northeast India,

Difference is visible, even in the confidence levels being exhibited by the two sides. So, while the Chinese do what they wish to, all the time, our Prime Minister, despite the bluster, chose not to go to Tawang when he visited Arunachal last week because the Chinese will not like it. You see, China too stakes claim to Arunachal, and Tawang particularly is a major thorn. Not that it stopped the Chinese from issuing a stinging statement about PM’s visit to other parts of the state, which is an “integral part of India” and has been electing a government through democratic process for years.

While the Chinese have brought the railways, pressurized cabins et al, to Tibet, we are still struggling to link Jammu to Srinagar. As an aside, try to think of one difficult stretch that we have linked with the Railways ever since the British left. You will struggle to come up with one.

Maldives holds world's first underwater Cabinet meeting

"We are trying to send our message to let the world know what is happening and what will happen to the Maldives if climate change isn't checked" Nasheed was quoted as saying to the press as soon as he resurfaced from underwater.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier

Russia will deliver the modernised Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier to the Indian Navy in 2012.
The original $1.5 billion contract signed in 2004 between Russia's state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport and the Indian Navy envisioned that work on the aircraft carrier would be completed in 2008.
The Admiral Gorshkov, renamed INS Vikramaditya, is to replace India's INS Viraat carrier that is currently operational but is now 50 years old.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mother Teresa

It's not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving." ------ Mother Teresa

Do not stop due to hardships..

Do not stop due to hardships...
One day you will overcome these hardships by winning them all.....
Though, you may not have friend or companionship during these hardship.....
This is just your testing time, continue your efforts and journey.......
Destination or goal is attraction or inviting you, just be focused......
This time do not stop by others calling...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love and life

What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories."
..........George Eiliot

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere instead of letting it escape again। This leads to a term we are all now most familiar with - climate change.Some naturally existing gases like water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane have greenhouse properties. These provide the earth with the warmth it needs.But since the industrial revolution the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has gone up by a whopping 30 per cent, trapping more heat than necessary.
.We release these gases every time we burn petrol by running a car, burn coal or even run the AC longer than needed. Greenhouse gases can be reduced by planting trees because trees absorb these gases and while you're at it, recycle paper and save existing trees as well.
according to kyoto protocal major green house gases like..carbon di oxide,nitrous oxide,sulphur hexaflouride,hydro fluoro carbon,per fluoro carbon etc.will reduce by 2012 5.2%below the level of 1990.butinternational community totally failed in the reached on this target. now kyoto protocal will finished in the end of 2012 and a new protocal will come from i hopeful that all major countries would understand this serious problem.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kalam's dream

*Create synergy between teaching and research right from the undergraduate level. A sync between the two elements would help in visualising the future and growth of the institute.

* Let each one think on what to do to develop the institution as a hub of medical education that caters not only to medical colleges and institutes within the country but also outside.

* Inculcate leadership qualities in students and teachers so that they are able to visualise change. Help them to be passionate about the vision to transform thought into reality.

* Encourage a young mind to travel the unexplored path. Give an environment that enables people to manage success and failures. Reap a second generation of teachers and students to take the tradition forward.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I enjoy singing and watching movies.About preparation of civil services. I thought, let's try this too. Everything in my life has happened by trial and error.
I also love music and like reading whenever I get the time.Movie marathons are my favourite pastime. I can watch up to four movies back to back.
I thoroughly believe in the institution of marriage, but there's still a long way to go before I get married. Right now I want to concentrate on my career.Now this is more important than anything.Really I am not worried about future.I live in present.this is the fact that I do not afraid of working 20 hours a day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

G8 summit and india

India made its voice heard on global trade and climate change at a G8 summit in Italy this month, in a sign of growing diplomatic heft that can help it push for a bigger role in global governance.

India's emergence is seen as a logical outgrowth of two of the world's biggest current challenges, the financial crisis and climate change, and its ability to help resolve those problems with a trillion dollar economy still growing at about 7 per cent.

While the slowdown spurred a shift towards economic inclusion, a landmark civilian nuclear deal with the US last year also helped India's entry into the global order as it vies with a rising China for a say in international policymaking.

Just two years ago Prime Minister Manmohan Singh returned from a G8 summit in Germany complaining that India was a sideshow and attending such meetings as an invitee was a waste of time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Union Budget and health

Most developed countries in the world like the US, UK and France spend around 6-7% of their national budget for public education and health, while India allocates around 3% for education and around 1% for health.
we must realise that economic growth is meaningless unless it reaches 70% of India’s poorest.The Constitution also places more importance on primary education.There should be an end of public unaided schools. The government should utilise the money towards its government schools.
The allocated budget (Rs 750 per child) is not enough.How do we address the problem of an increasing dropout rate in schools at the elementary and primary level if we choose to ignore issues of infrastructure, medical support etc.

China may attack India by 2012

According to Editor of the indian defence review Bharat vema . China will launch an attack on India before 2012. There are multiple reasons for a desperate Beijing to teach India the final lesson, thereby ensuring Chinese supremacy in Asia in this century.

Verma said the recession has "shut the Chinese exports shop", creating an "unprecedented internal social unrest" which in turn, was severely threatening the grip of the Communists over the society.
Verma said Beijing was "already rattled, with its proxy Pakistan now literally embroiled in a civil war, losing its sheen against India." "Above all, it is worried over the growing alliance of India with the US and the West, because the alliance has the potential to create a technologically superior counterpoise.