Monday, December 7, 2009


Few filmmakers stick their necks out to tell difficult and different stories in these days of mindless entertainers making potloads of money.
PC Sreeram's dazzling cinematography and Illayraja's soothing score help make up for many of the script's flaws, and ultimately contribute to making Paa an easy, enjoyable is like an experimental movie.
The centerpiece of the action is Amitabh Bachchan. Under that excellent prosthetic make-up, his baritone replaced by a childish squeaky voice, Bachchan becomes Auro.
Vidya Balan delivers her best work since Parineeta.Arundhati Naag is endearingly warm as Auro's feisty grandmum, and Pratik Katare gets his timing spot-on as Auro's best friend Vishnu.
Paa is ultimately an engaging film because of its largely original writing.I think the best scenes in the film is a hilarious telephone conversation between Auro and a classmate of his, in which the latter explains just how frustrated he is with his father.
It is now felt that the film’s theme of age-acceleration by progeria and its muted dramatic depiction through Amitabh’s performance as Auro deserves a global platform.

Paa director R Balki said, “The version for a non-Indian audience will have to be edited very differently but the connectivity with Auro’s character will remain unchanged.”
The theme of progeria is a huge incentive to market the film internationally.Its a fact that the audience abroad would never have seen anything like Paa.

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