Tuesday, July 14, 2009

G8 summit and india

India made its voice heard on global trade and climate change at a G8 summit in Italy this month, in a sign of growing diplomatic heft that can help it push for a bigger role in global governance.

India's emergence is seen as a logical outgrowth of two of the world's biggest current challenges, the financial crisis and climate change, and its ability to help resolve those problems with a trillion dollar economy still growing at about 7 per cent.

While the slowdown spurred a shift towards economic inclusion, a landmark civilian nuclear deal with the US last year also helped India's entry into the global order as it vies with a rising China for a say in international policymaking.

Just two years ago Prime Minister Manmohan Singh returned from a G8 summit in Germany complaining that India was a sideshow and attending such meetings as an invitee was a waste of time.

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